Book One of The Wick Chronicles
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The Emperor of San Francisco

Pacifica, 2415

As told by Wick, royal cat of the House of Blackshear

On a plaza at the edge of downtown San Francisco, Finn--arriving with a broken down, burned out egg-shaped ship--steps out of a time portal and is found by teen royals Oz and Drew. With no memory of who or from which When he is, Finn becomes a puzzle that time-traveler Oz wants to solve, with the help of Drew, a cat named Wick, and the extremely touch-phobic Emperor.

As they come closer to the answers Finn needs, Oz realizes that the question isn't who Finn might be and When he's from, but about who the Emperor is. He saved her father's life when he was a little boy, but while her father aged the Emperor did not, and no one knows where he came from or why he refuses to be touched.

Oz has described him as an icon of the city and protector of all, but now she wonders: where did he come from, and who is the Emperor, really? She has the ability to move through time, and she's willing to go back and find out.


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Book Two of The Wick Chronicles

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Midlam is at war.
The lives of the royal heirs are on the line.
The First Minister of Florida wants Kansas, and wants Prince Andrew dead.
The Queen of Pacifica’s deepest secret is revealed.
Oz is abducted, and Drew will stop at nothing to find her.

Fearing for the lives of the royal heirs, the Emperor takes them into hiding. He wants to protect them, but also wants to prepare them for battle. He trains them into finely honed athletes, not realizing that the time when they’ll need to test their strength is closing in on them.

When Oz goes missing, Drew, Zed, and the Emperor set out to walk across Colorado and Kansas during winter and war, a journey that will propel the Emperor to become William Blackshear, and will bring him closer to the man who, if they get to Oz in time, will become the other half of Ozoo.


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Book Three of The Wick Chronicles
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Drew knows there are two rules to using the time portals. One, be precise in thought. Two, never visit the future.

On his second practice run, a stray thought of wanting to see life 1000 years in the future lands him, along with Oz, the Emperor, Aisha, and Wick in 3416. San Francisco is in ruins. The Embarcadero is gone, the Bay Bridge is a broken skeleton, and the city has been overtaken by a dark wizard named Tobias. The only one who can destroy his power and his hold over the elfin citizens of Saint Francis is a clumsy, sword-wielding fifteen-year-old boy, the wizard Hagar and his fading magic, and the Trident—warriors of time long past who will stand beside the Lord of Prophecy.

Hagar knows their names and declares them as the Trident, prompting Will to agree to indulge Oz and Drew’s curiosity and stay long enough to understand the truth of how Hagar knows who they are. He could not foresee the horse-sized cat named Fluffy, the infant dragon named Jeff, or the truth about Tobias.

As he puts the pieces of the puzzle together, Will realizes the fight isn’t just to free the elves; it’s a battle Oz needs to see to the bitter end, and he’ll risk them all to get her there.


Paper or Hard back